Seasons of the Christian Year

Here is a list of posts on this blog going through the order of the Christian year. More links will be added as new posts on seasonal themes are created.


Prepare a Way for the Lord: an Advent Meditation

Whose Axe? Whose Winnowing Fork?

The Need for New Hearts: an Advent Meditation


Celebrating the Prince of Peace

The Word Became Vulnerable Flesh

Outcasts at the Manger


Strange Wedding


Turning on Ash Wednesday

The Prophet Between the Fox and the Hen

The Prodigal Father and His Sons

A Scandalous Woman as Extravagant as Jesus


Crying out with Palm Branches in our Hands

The First Supper

What Humans Willed: the Passion Story

Selling Postcards of the Cross


A Risen Life Full of Forgiveness and Love

Rising to the Life of Christ


Jesus’ Escape to the Kingdom


The Holy Spirit’s Fiery Desire


The Infinite Round Dance

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