Website for Andrew Marr’s home is: St. Gregory’s Abbey   This site has links to other monastic homepages

The Friends of St. Benedict offers programs and resources for all people interested in apply Benedictine spirituality in their daily lives.

Web sites that use the thought of René Girard in helpful ways:

Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary offers commentary on the lections for all three years of the lectionary cycle and has some good introductory essays on this line of thought.

The Raven Foundation offers ongoing commentary on contemporary events as well as good introductory material on Girard’s thought.

Preaching Peace has good material on how Girard’s thought gives us a new and solid way of reading scripture as well as commentary on the lectionary.

Theology & Peace is an organization dedicated to applying Girard’s insights to theology, the Church & Christian life. They host a stimulating conference each year. Theologian Tony Bartlett keeps a blog at

James Alison is one of the most imaginative and powerful theological thinkers in mimetic theory.

Erik Buys has an excellent blog on Girardian reflections called Mimetic Margins.

Another interesting and insightful blog exploring mysticism from a Girardian perspective is Necessarily Incomplete.

Charity Websites

There are several websites where taking the time to click on the page will trigger a contribution to a charitable cause:

The Hunger Site is the best known of these sites where each daily click contributes a cup of food to those who need it. Be sure to click on tabs for pages on child health care, autism, breast cancer, etc.

Care2 has donation pages for mostly ecological causes but also includes child sponsorship & breast cancer.

Free Rice give us to opportunity to give while sharpening our vocabulary. Each correct answer contributes ten grains of rice. Levels range from very easy to extraordinarily hard.

iGive is a vendor site that arranges charitable contributions from purchases made through the site. Some vendors give a larger percentage of the purchase than others. Anyone who signs up can arrange for the charity of one’s choice to receive these gifts.

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